Q: What should I wear?

A: Comfortable clothes that you can walk around in with sturdy walking shoes. We will be walking across bumpy terrain. The weather is a factor so dress accordingly. It can go from cool to hot in a couple of hours in Paso Robles. DO NOT WEAR ANY FUR OR FEATHERS.

Q: What are the physical requirements?

A: This is an outdoor event that has us walking over uneven terrain, so you must be able to walk easily and over 2 miles.

Q: Can I take pictures?

A: YES!!! Bring a camera or use your phone. When we can we will take pictures also. Photos become memories so capture those memories. Remember not to get so involved in getting the perfect shot that you forget to enjoy the experience.

Q: Are observers allowed?

A: We discourage having no paying people with us during your experience. They can take away from your individual time. We want you to have a great adventure.

Q: Where do the doves go after they are released?

A: Our doves are trained to come back to their portable loft, they are then brought back to their home where they live with other doves.