Meet Our Birds



Goose is a Saker falcon. Sakers are native to North Africa but are diving by the hundreds due to uninstalled power poles. Through conservation efforts they are slowly making a comeback in the wild.

Kito is a Lanner falcon. They are found in Northern Africa as well. They are found in cave paintings and are thought to be the inspiration for the Egyptian god Horus.

Mouse is an American Kestrel, the smallest falcon in North America, but don’t let that size fool you! Kestrels are capable of capturing other birds twice their size but most often eat mice and insects. She was brought to us by someone who was feeding her after the nest she was in blew down in a storm and her parents left.


Ranger and Bodin are Harris’ Hawks and also are brothers but like brothers, have completely different personalities.
Ranger is far more outgoing but a comic, who likes to fly so close to guests that you can feel the wind his wings create.
Bodin is more of a rule follower, always looking for what you want him to do next. 
They are our Hawk Walk team, meet one of them as they fly to your gloved hand.

Reta The Auger Buzzard was in movies, commercials and music videos before she came to us. She is a beautiful bird that originates from Africa. They are basically the African version of our Red-tailed hawk.



Jack the Eurasian Eagle Owl. They are the largest Owl species in the world with some weighing in at over 8 pounds. They are found all over Europe and Asia. Jack loves to cuddle with Guests.

Luna the Barn Owl came to us as a tiny fluff ball. Femal barn owls will often be courted by multiple suiters and will lay their eggs in multiple nests leaving the males to care for the babies. They might have up to 5 nests of eggs. They are so important becuase they can eat up to 5 mice a night each,. Vineyards put up nest boxes to encourage them to stay in the vineyards.