Wings and Wine

Spend an hour with a falconer, meeting a falcon, an owl, and then don a glove for a stroll through a vineyard as our Harris hawk flies along with you. He will fly to your gloved hand and back into the vineyard. then we wine taste the fruits of the vineyard you just walked through. Larry the winemaker from Via Vega Winery will introduce you to the best wines in central California.

*Non-alcohol version available.

Price: $275/person or $880 for a group of 4
(Must be 21 or older)

Apprentice Workshop

So you want to be a falconer! Give yourself a leg up on your apprenticeship. We go over the requirements of becoming a falconer. Although this course doesn’t count as time during your apprenticeship, it will give you an advantage of having covered the basics of becoming a falconer and starting your falconer journey.

This two day course covers:

  • Raptor Identification and biology
  • Hunter and falconry tests and how to study for them
  • Laws and regulations
  • The ethics of falconry
  • How to find a sponsor
  • Enclosure types and construction from mews to weathering yards
  • Trap making and how to trap successfully
  • Basic handling to Free flying your bird
  • Medical husbandry
  • Weight management and nutrition
  • Equipment from jesses and anklets to lures to perches. We will be making anklets and jesses.
  • Clubs and events
  • Lastly we will be handling three types of birds and free flying a hawk.

Price: $600
Minimum age is 12
Minimum class size 8
Maximum class size 10
The Falconry Apprentice Course space is limited and therefore reservations are on a first come, first served basis.
9:00am – 7:00pm both days
We will provide lunch and snacks.
We will send you a list of local hotels once you have registered.
This course requires a deposit one month in advanced and must be paid in full one week before the class begins.